Calculus III (Math 211)
Syllabus - Fall 2019

Sections MWF 8:00-8:50, DSC 110
Communication Office Hours: posted online, or by appointment
Announcements may be made via e-mail and the class web page:
Textbook APEX Calculus, Version 4.0 and other online sources
Technology You will need to use software to complete assignments.
  • Bring a scientific calculator to class and tests.
  • We will use Wolfram Alpha, Desmos, Geogebra, Sage, Jupyter, or other software packages. Demonstrations and instructions will be given.
Description Math 211/313 extends the concepts of calculus to higher dimensions.
  • Calc III will survey the following topics: parametric equations, polar coordinates, vector geometry, curves and surfaces, length/area, multivariable functions, partial derivatives, double/triple integrals, sequences and series, function approximation,
  • Calc IV will explore Calc III concepts deeper, while studying convergence, motion in space, optimization, applications of integration, vector fields, div/grad/curl
We will try to develop intuition via visualization and applications.
Prerequisites Calculus I and II
Graded Assignments
Mid-term Tests
Final Exam
Guaranteed grades are A, B, C, D for 90, 80, 70, 60 respectively.
Homework Homework assignments (either custom problems as PDF, or from your textbook) will be posted on the course website. Unless otherwise specified, I will not collect or grade these problems, but you are strongly encouraged to discipline yourself to work them as deliberate practice.
  • Organize your homework so that it can be conveniently reviewed for a completion grade. Be neat and orderly, showing all work.
  • Quick homework questions may be asked in class, but come by office hours for more extensive help.
  • Doing, and understanding, your HW is the best way to prepare yourself for the tests. Math is not a spectator sport.
Graded Assignments These include all assignments designated for grading (see the Ten Commandments).
  • Each assignment will have a point value, with which to compute a weighted average grade. More lengthy or challenging assignments, or those with more rigorous standards, will have accordingly more weight.
  • All submissions must be prepared according to instructions.
  • You are encouraged (and may be required) to use technology to prepare graded assignments.
  • Solutions must be complete, clear, and correct to receive full credit. All supporting work or documentation must be shown.
  • Some assignments may involve group work, or presenting work to the class.
  • More substantial "projects" may explore applications or do a deeper investigation of concepts.
  • Assignments will be collected during class on the due date. Late work is not accepted unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • You are encouraged to discuss problems with fellow classmates, but you may not directly copy graded work.
  • For some assignments, perfection will be required. They will be given an all-or-nothing grade, so ask for feedback (from classmates or the professor) in advance of the due date.
  • I may occasionally ask to see certain sections of your homework. This will be graded for completion, but not checked for accuracy.

NOTE: Do not be surprised or disappointed that some problems do not have easy or obvious solutions. You may have to think deeply and try several things before discovering a solution. If you encounter a difficult problem, please don't give up. Struggling with a problem is the only way to really learn mathematics. Please come by my office to ask for help if you are stuck.

  • There will be five mid-term tests. Tentative test dates are:
    • Wed, Sep 11
    • Fri, Sep 27
    • Wed, Oct 16
    • Wed, Nov 6
    • Wed, Nov 27
  • No unauthorized resources may be used on the tests/exam.
  • If you must miss a test for a valid reason (college sponsored event, documented illness, or professor approved excuse), then you must notify the instructor as soon as possible. Makeup tests must be taken before the following class period. Your final exam grade may be substituted for the missed test if no convenient makeup time is available. The validity of an excuse is at the instructor's discretion. You must notify the professor before missing a scheduled test. Unexcused missed tests will be recorded with a grade of zero.
Final Exam The final exam is comprehensive. Consult the college exam schedule for date and time.
Academic Integrity