MATH 208 - Online Announcements

Fri, April 24, 8 am

Thu, April 23, 1 pm

Mon, April 20, 8 am

Sun, April 19, 5 pm

Wed, April 15, 8 am

Wed, April 8, 5 pm

Wed, April 8, 8 am

Mon, April 6, 10 am

Mon, April 6, 8 am

This week we will learn about the eigenvalue problem.
These videos and notes will cover the material up to the test next Mon, Apr 20. Stay tuned for details.

Fri, April 3, 8 am

Mon, March 30, 3pm

Mon, March 30, 8am

This week we will do some more with determinants.

Fri, March 27, 8am

Feel free to search youtube for examples of calculating determinants. Here are some examples:

Remember to email me this week's homework by Saturday at 8am.
Wed, March 25, 8am

Mon, March 23, 8am

This week we will learn about determinants.

Sat, March 21, 9am

Fri, March 20, 8am

Thu, March 19, 10am

Wed, March 18, 12pm

Wed, March 18, 7am

Continue to work on your homework problems, and email me if you need a hint. I'll be posting the remaining answer key online later this morning. If you haven't already, please send me an email as instructed below.

Mon, March 16, 12am

We will have our test on Fri, Mar 20 as planned.

  Monitor the class web page, and the log of announcements:

Mon, March 16, 11am

Mon, March 16, 10am
  This announcement serves as notice that we are moving the course online indefinitely.

  I will NOT use edvance360. You MUST communicate with me via your email address.

  As soon as possible, please start an email thread with me by sending this:

   Subject: MATH 208 - Your Name
   Message: hello - I am alive and well.

  Subsequent communication will follow via that email thread.

  Receipt of your initial email according to instructions is your quiz grade for this week.